Video Dept. BTS

Class A Media undertakes many different kinds of video projects, both small and large. From promotional videos and virtual tours, to computer-generated videos and more. Dustin Haney(owner/operator) and his team have experience in shooting, educational workshops, weddings, sports, music videos, television shows, live concerts/events, & more. We take pride in providing our services at a reasonable rate so that we can serve both individuals as well as major corporations.

Dustin Haney | Owner,

"I have been blessed to have worked closely with many of Nashville's top individuals in the industries of Video Production, Sound Engineering, and overall Media Production. And on these projects I have had great oppurtunity as well as many great challenges, and have found a place in the market where I believe I can do what I love and make a living at doing it. I do not claim to be able to do things I have no experience in. I bring what I have to offer to the plate and I carry out my talents confidently. I have a swing mentality and am not afraid to learn and try new skills. I love what I do and do what I love."








Welcome to the Video Department. Here you can see a few of the projects that we have, created, produced, and played a part in.