Photo Dept. Scenery

When it comes to photography, Class A Media offers many different types of this service. We capture photos from, weddings, conventions, workshops, businesses, landmarks, tourist attractions, portraits, behind the scenes, sports, and pretty much anything else you would like photographed.

One of our main interests is getting the shots that others can't/won't go the extra mile to get. Because photography is a type of art, and a good artist does everything within his power to make his masterpiece more superior. Whether it's shooting from the ground or a helicopter, Class A Media gets the shot.

You can also see some of our work at our Flickr page:

Dustin Haney | Owner,

"I have been blessed to have worked closely with many of Nashville's top individuals in the industries of Video Production, Sound Engineering, and overall Media Production. And on these projects I have had great oppurtunity as well as many great challenges, and have found a place in the market where I believe I can do what I love and make a living at doing it. I do not claim to be able to do things I have no experience in. I bring what I have to offer to the plate and I carry out my talents confidently. I have a swing mentality and am not afraid to learn and try new skills. I love what I do and do what I love."


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