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An Everlasting Email & SMS Marketing Strategy for Degs & Sal


Degs and Sal, a New York-based men's jewelry line, specializes in Italian-made pieces that showcase their craftsmanship through a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. The brand's challenge was to effectively convey their unique lifestyle and strengthen their position in the competitive market.


To successfully communicate Degs and Sal's brand identity and amplify customer engagement, we were entrusted with creating a custom-designed, responsive website, and developing a sophisticated email marketing strategy. Our objective was to enhance conversions, customer loyalty, and establish a sustainable lifestyle movement.


Our comprehensive strategy focused on website optimization and email marketing. We meticulously developed a mobile and desktop-friendly website to maximize user engagement. We pinpointed crucial conversion points, emphasizing those areas where users typically abandon a cart. To ensure we had the ideal combination of elements, we performed split testing on cart, button, and text size to ensure an outstanding experience. For the email marketing aspect, we brainstormed custom email flows that were tailor-made for Degs and Sal’s customers and designed funnel-specific email campaigns for each step of the buyer cycle. This cemented the customer relationship and allowed the brand to establish a lifestyle movement, not just a business.


Our multifaceted approach yielded impressive results for Degs and Sal. The optimized website and tailored email marketing strategy led to a significant increase in revenue, with a 253% growth compared to previous efforts. The brand was able to effectively communicate its identity, foster customer loyalty, and create a lasting lifestyle movement that set them apart from competitors.


Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

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