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Revitalizing Loops Beauty: A Case Study in Innovative Marketing


Loops Beauty, an innovative brand offering rejuvenating hydrogel masks, has made a name for itself with dermatologist-approved formulas that enhance collagen production and cell rejuvenation without the use of harsh chemicals. As a brand driven by creativity and sustainability, Loops Beauty approached us to revamp their email and SMS strategy, seeking to further expand their reach and impact in the market.


Understanding the unique appeal of Loops Beauty's products, we devised a targeted approach to capitalize on their existing social media success. By segmenting their audience into distinct consumer groups, we tailored our email and SMS campaigns to resonate with their most engaged customers while also reactivating less active users.


We employed a data-driven methodology, utilizing A/B testing and continuous optimization to ensure maximum results across all campaigns. Our team leveraged captivating visuals, persuasive copy, and personalized offers to strengthen the connection between Loops Beauty and its customers.


Our collaborative efforts with Loops Beauty led to impressive outcomes. The revamped email and SMS strategy resulted in a 200% increase in revenue, 50% open rates, and a 25% boost in returning customer conversions. The combination of innovative marketing tactics and Loops Beauty's high-quality products fostered a stronger brand presence and customer loyalty.


Increase in Email Revenue


Email Open Rates


Increase in LTV

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