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Transforming Eyewear with DMY BY DMY


DMY BY DMY is a renowned eyewear brand known for its timeless, trans-seasonal designs inspired by the sartorial history of yesteryears. Handcrafted from high-quality Italian cellulose acetate, their frames prioritize sustainability, durability, and functionality. With their signature nostalgic style and everyday comfort, DMY BY DMY has become a favorite among celebrities and style icons worldwide. They sought our expertise in deploying strategic email flows on Klaviyo, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads to further elevate their brand.


Our objective was to significantly increase sales, improve return on ad spend (ROAS), and enhance customer lifetime value (LTV) for DMY BY DMY. By implementing a data-driven and targeted approach, we aimed to reach potential customers and strengthen the bond with existing ones.


We devised strategic email flows on Klaviyo, focusing on engaging content and personalized messaging to establish a strong connection with the target audience. Additionally, we managed Facebook and Google ad campaigns, utilizing precise targeting and creative ad formats to maximize exposure and conversions.


Our tailored approach led to outstanding outcomes for DMY BY DMY. We achieved a 90% increase in sales, a 4.0X ROAS, and a 25% increase in customer LTV. These results not only confirmed the effectiveness of our strategies but also solidified DMY BY DMY's position as a leading eyewear brand in the global market.




Increase in Conversions


LTV Lift

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