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BSP was established in 2013 by three friends with a love for fitness. Their collaboration and expertise created a game changing company with a striking balance of fitness and fashion.

When BSP Active approached us about taking their amazing product to the DTC market - we immediately knew that it would be a hit. When we first joined the project, it was just a concept. Our team worked side by side with the BSP active team, and spearheaded a branding initiative like no-other. We began by generating content that showcased the product while also emphasizing brand identity.

The activewear niche is filled with competition. We had to find a way to navigate around the over-saturation - and luckily, we succeeded. Our focus was building an audience and a data set consisting of individuals who are the ideal customer. From there, we began testing creative. We believe that one’s success can be quantified sales figures, which is a result of running the proper tests and reacting in a swift fashion.

We enjoy working with brands who have a product that we believe in, and BSP is nothing short of that! Whether it would be the quality or design - they have it down-packed. When building their website, we knew we had to value that. Therefore, we approached this project with a relatively simple philosophy - showcase the product. We built custom product pages for different SKUS and broke up the information in a digestible format.  In addition, we split tested button sizing, sign up forms, footer designs and more.

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