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Since 2013, Copper Rivet has offered a fresh take as a lifestyle brand that sets trends in the world of modern men’s fashion.  Copper Rivet distributes to more than 350 retailers domestically as well as to retailers overseas including Japan, Canada, France, and South Africa.

We recognized that Copper Rivet has amazing products as well as a collection of content.  Once analyzed, we began testing different variations of creatives and copy. Within a matter of a few short weeks, we had our formula down.

Every eCommerce business begins with a projection and target - but, taking the proper steps to achieve those goals requires a trusted team that can help the brand succeed. Our team approached Copper's advertising strategy with a few core concepts in mind; one of them being that we are not selling a product, rather we are catering to a lifestyle. We began by running ads focused on garnering clicks, and then we assessed mouse patterns and qualified individuals for our Instagram Story ads. This enabled us to rid of those who are not interested and double down on those who are.

Along with developing the Copper's ad strategy, we were also enlisted to develop their eCommerce platform. Our process involved an audit, which then led to a step by step course of action for what needed to be accomplished from a UX/UI standpoint. We assessed existing data and coupled it with years of experience in order to arrive at a website that performs like a charm.

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