A New Approach To Commuting

How we launched a revolutionary shared commuting experience.
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We're excited to announce our partnership with JOCO E-Bikes. JOCO is a micro-mobility ride share company that has developed the most efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way to travel across cities.

JOCO approached us in need of a brand identity and go-to market strategy. Filled with excitement, our team hit the ground running by identifying positioning, forecasting and building the profile. When approaching a branding project, we always aim to follow a feeling, one which evokes emotion and connection. With JOCO, it all started with a smiley face - from there, the rest was history.

JOCO's unique mission, of bringing joy, reducing carbon emissions and making the world a better place was apparent from the start. As we sat in our discovery meeting, the idea struck us - what if we incorporated a sense of joy within the brands identity? We started off with a character, which then snowballed into the iconic JOCO logo that is now seen everywhere. In order to make an even bigger impact, we highlighted our core colors as pure orange. This philosophy was then translated to our approach for when we designed the e-bikes themselves.

A business of this kind has several moving parts, whether that be locations, bikes, tech and other components alike - everything must be aligned at all times. We introduced JOCO to New York City by sprinkling hints through ads via FaceBook/Instagram. Our objective was to strictly build awareness which then added pre-sign ups and more. 

Working with the JOCO team is a pleasure and we plan to continue to build a better tomorrow.

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