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Oak and Reed is a fitness and lifestyle brand offering trend-forward products devoted to wellness and healthy living. Guided by a passion for improving personal wellness, their mission is to empower you to feel stronger and live better. Their products are designed to support your physical and spiritual practices, as well as your personal style.\

Oak and Reed approached us with the objective to create and convey the power of their products through the eCommerce channel. We started by assessing their product assortment and then to tackling the content strategy. The rest is history!

Oak and Reed offers products that embody peace, love, life and color. When approaching the web design aspect of this project, we knew how important it was to allow those concepts to shine through their products. Aside from a mobile and desktop friendly UX/UI, we created template-specific product pages, which featured products details, instructions, care and more. This removed the barrier between the brand and the consumer.

After much preparation, competitor analysis, and creative brainstorming, we finally arrived at a bulletproof strategy destined for success. We launched with dynamic creative advertisements to test the best performing assets and doubled down on audience automation. Additionally, we rolled out an email marketing advanced segmentation audience and formulated comprehensive flows, which opened the brand to consumer dialogue.

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