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Artist infused streetwear.
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The streetwear industry is both loud and competitive. Our mission with Tango Hotel was to bring the brand to the masses by marketing the brand to the proper customer/buyer.

When approaching a larger catalog store project, we position two separate forms of advertising. The first one being general collection and the other being DTP. We work on different aspects of the brand including the products, assets, and website format, which all contribute to the puzzle of having a successful business. Additionally, we put an emphasis on A/B testing. The rapid pace in which we were able to test, allowed our client to see immediate results.

Tango Hotel's website displays both a clean design with subliminal, proven-data infused best practices. With an emphasis on mobile functionality, we developed a platform that both reduced abandonments and made it easy to view available inventory without wasting clicks. We positioned the product images to be more prevalent in the flow and offered advanced filtering options, in order to feature the brand’s intricate product selection.

First impressions are everything! Our goal when setting up an advertising initiative is to create a concrete plan that includes promoting the brand  and forecasting sale projections. It is important to set the standard for what the brand is about, which in turn improves conversions. When launching our first ads, we focused on strictly top of funnel call-to-actions. After gathering the proper data and awareness, we began to position conversion objective advertisements.

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The pulse of our business is surrounded by Class A Media, simple as that.
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