Degs and Sal is an American jewelry brand, crafting handcrafted, sustainable pieces from 100% recycled sterling silver. Inspired by the spirit of historic American wanderers, each piece reflects a passion for discovery and respect for nature. Emphasizing inclusivity, the brand offers versatile styles to enhance and express the wearer's unique character.
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The task at hand involved communicating the unique brand identity of Degs and Sal, enhancing customer engagement, and developing a sustainable lifestyle movement. To accomplish these goals, we undertook the responsibility of crafting a custom-designed, responsive website and devising a sophisticated email marketing strategy. The ultimate goal was to boost conversions and customer loyalty.


Our comprehensive strategy incorporated two vital elements – website optimization and a robust email marketing campaign. We embarked on creating a website that was both mobile and desktop-friendly to maximize user engagement. Critical conversion points were identified, particularly areas where cart abandonment was high, and we performed A/B testing on various elements, including cart, button, and text sizes to enhance user experience. Alongside, we curated custom email flows tailored to the tastes of Degs and Sal's customers, designing specific email campaigns for each step of the buyer's journey. This not only reinforced the customer-brand relationship but also facilitated Degs and Sal in creating a lifestyle movement beyond the scope of mere business.


Our concerted strategy produced notable results for Degs and Sal. The combination of an optimized website and a bespoke email marketing strategy translated into a significant surge in revenue, marking a growth of 253% in comparison to previous endeavors. The brand was successful in articulating its identity, bolstering customer loyalty, and launching a lasting lifestyle movement that distinguished them from their competitors.


Our partnership with Degs and Sal underlines the effectiveness of a holistic, tailored marketing strategy. The substantial growth in revenue and the successful establishment of a unique brand identity showcase the potency of our approach. As Degs and Sal continue their journey in the men's jewelry industry, we remain committed to fostering their growth and fortifying their distinct presence in the market.

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