DMY BY DMY is a timeless eyewear brand, celebrated for trans-seasonal pieces that blend historical fashion influence with high-quality Italian cellulose acetate, balancing style, sustainability, and function for style icons worldwide.
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The challenge was to augment DMY BY DMY's sales, optimize their return on ad spend (ROAS), and boost their customer lifetime value (LTV). Our approach was to leverage data-driven strategies and targeted marketing efforts to connect with potential customers, reinforce relationships with existing ones, and strengthen the brand's global reputation.


Understanding the brand's unique appeal, we curated personalized content for Klaviyo's strategic email flows that echoed DMY BY DMY's ethos. We coupled this with our expertise in managing Facebook and Google ad campaigns. Using precise targeting methods and creative ad formats, we aimed to maximize brand exposure and increase conversions.


Our concerted efforts resulted in a significant boost in the brand's performance metrics. We achieved an impressive 90% increase in sales and a fourfold return on ad spend. Furthermore, we raised the customer LTV by 25%. The effectiveness of our strategies was affirmed by these results, further cementing DMY BY DMY's position as a dominant player in the global eyewear industry.


Our collaboration with DMY BY DMY stands testament to the power of a tailored, multi-channel marketing strategy. The robust growth in sales, impressive ROAS, and enhanced LTV underlines the success of our efforts, reflecting our ability to effectively elevate a brand in a competitive marketplace. As DMY BY DMY continues to make waves in the eyewear industry, we remain dedicated to supporting their growth and fostering their global reputation.

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