Frederick Benjamin, grounded in the legacy of its eponymous inspiration, is a grooming brand committed to restoring confidence in men's care, by offering a product line dedicated to combating common issues like dry scalp and razor bumps, without resorting to harmful chemicals.
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Our main objective was to elevate customer lifetime value (LTV) and build loyalty, factors of paramount importance in the haircare space. We planned to achieve these goals by leveraging strategic retargeting techniques and email flows that transcended the typical norm in digital marketing.


Our data-driven, customer-centric approach led to remarkable results for Frederick Benjamin. The combination of targeted ad campaigns and engaging email flows led to a significant increase in customer LTV. Moreover, our efforts in building a loyal customer base were successful, resulting in repeat purchases and high customer retention rates.


We embarked on a multi-platform ad strategy, running carefully tailored campaigns on Google and Facebook. These ads were designed to appeal to Frederick Benjamin's target demographic, emphasizing the brand's commitment to high-quality, effective, and natural ingredients. Simultaneously, we revamped the brand's email and SMS marketing strategy. Rather than sticking to generic promotional messages, we devised a series of personalized flows that took into account the customer's purchase history, product preferences, and engagement level. We aimed to create an engaging narrative that would keep Frederick Benjamin at the forefront of their minds and foster brand loyalty.


Working with Frederick Benjamin allowed us to utilize our expertise in customer retention and LTV optimization. By crafting personalized, engaging campaigns across multiple platforms, we were able to build a loyal customer base and increase the LTV for the brand. As Frederick Benjamin continues to provide effective, trustworthy grooming solutions, we're proud to support their mission and drive their digital marketing efforts to new heights.

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