LOOPS is a cutting-edge skincare brand, renowned for delivering dermatologist-approved, targeted solutions through their signature Hydrogel masks, designed in South Korea to cater to a range of skin needs and moments in your day.
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Recognizing the unique charm of Loops Beauty's offerings, we constructed a targeted strategy to build upon their established social media success. By distinguishing their audience into specific consumer groups, we could craft our email and SMS campaigns to resonate with the most engaged customers while simultaneously reactivating those who were less active.


Our methodology was rooted in data-driven insights. We utilized A/B testing and continuous optimization to maximize campaign outcomes. Employing eye-catching visuals, compelling copy, and personalized offers, our team worked to deepen the connection between Loops Beauty and its customer base.


The collaboration with Loops Beauty yielded notable results. The revamped email and SMS strategy triggered a 200% revenue surge, achieved 50% open rates, and secured a 25% increase in returning customer conversions. The blend of innovative marketing tactics and Loops Beauty's superior products not only strengthened their brand presence but also enhanced customer loyalty.


Our work with Loops Beauty underscored the effectiveness of a dynamic, data-driven approach in email and SMS marketing. The considerable increase in revenue and enhanced customer loyalty validated our strategies and reinforced Loops Beauty's foothold in the skincare industry. As they continue to revolutionize skincare, we stand ready to amplify their growth and market impact.

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