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Our team of experts specialize in paid search, paid social, email and sms marketing.

No Long Term Contracts

The days of long-term agency contracts are over. You can cancel anytime with no penalties or fees!

No Hidden Fees

You can finally stop worrying about hidden performance fees! We offer a flat-rate, always and forever.

We prioritize profit.

When it comes to social media and search management, Class A Media is the cream of the crop. Our team of seasoned media buyers have the know-how and expertise to successfully launch and scale profitable ad campaigns that result in pure profit. With our help, you can achieve your marketing goals with maximum efficiency.

Scale your revenue with email.

We understand the issues and possibilities that come with email marketing. We have a team of seasoned experts that understand how to run impactful campaigns. From copywriting, designing and more - our team will handle your lifecycle marketing from A-Z.

Target, rinse, repeat.

Messaging your customers with targeted campaigns, offers and news will not only keep them interested in what you have to say but also increase the number of people who subscribe.

Let's help you grow.

All of our clients have access to a team that is always on call. Whether it be for strategy sessions, brand discussions or just general questions we are here 24/7 with you.

On average, we increase eComm sales by 220%

We are experts, dreamers and visionaries. Our team is unique to us, just how you are unique to you. The track record behind us, lays the playing field for the course ahead. We are builders, unwavering winners.

24/7 Support

Cancel Anytime

No Hidden Fees

Founded in NYC

Full Service Agency

Over 100+ Brands

Grow your brand with our top tier team.

Business is a lifelong journey, and we want to be part of it. Together, we will venture into unknown territory. Our clients are part of our family and that's the feeling we consistently aim to deliver.

“The ultimate team to help you grow. Simple as that.”

Loved by 100’s of brands in the direct to consumer space.

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BSP Active
Increase In Sales
  • 5.43X Return On Ad Spend
  • 55% Return Customer Rate
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Loops Beauty
Increase In Sales
  • 54% Email Open Rates
  • 85% Increase In Automated Revenue
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Degs and Sal
Increase In Sales
  • 5.43X Return On Ad Spend
  • 55% Return Customer Rate
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Tailor Vintage
Increase In Sales
  • 6X Return On Ad Spend
  • 120% Increase In First Time Sales
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My go-to team.

Since working with Class A, we've seen a 200% increase in new customer conversions, as well as a 85% increase in returning customer revenue.

Oak and Reed200% Sales Increase

They make it so easy.

We've been able to comfortably scale our eCommerce division with the hands-on approach by Class A.

Karako Suits6X Return On Ad Spend

Always delivering.

Class A has totally shifted the way we work as a company. They are the sole reason as to why we are around today.

Today's Man450% Sales Increase

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, and we have answers!

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How do I book a call?

Getting in touch with us is easy! Start by filling out the form above and you'll be redirected to a calendar page which will allow you to book a call.

What kind of brands do you work with?

We work with direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands looking to launch or scale revenue. From fashion, accessories, food, beauty, home-goods, health and wellness, furniture and more. We have the expertise to nearly work with every niche. Are you our next best case study? We say yes!

What services do you offer?

We offer digital marketing services such as FaceBook Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Snap Ads and more. Additionally, we offer lifecycle marketing solutions such as Email and SMS marketing. All of our clients benefit from our eCommerce consulting program as well.

What is the minimum ad spend you manage?

In order to see optimal results, we suggest an opening ad budget of $7,500/mo to start. While we do leverage other channels, such as email and sms - we like to ensure that you are driving the right amount of traffic to justify costs.

Do you work with drop-shipping brands?

Unfortunately, we do not work with drop-shipping brands. Our company is solely focused on building long-lasting brands. While drop-shipping is a viable business, we wouldn't be the best partner for that type of business.

Can you tell me about your cancellation policy?

Sure! We offer a cancel anytime policy for our clients. We do not believe in tying people into long term contracts. (Yes, we are that confident in our ability to deliver impactful results).